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I have seen this post going around and I just have to beg you: DON’T DO THIS!!! Remember how devastated we were after the second series? Remember the pain? The tears?

Now imagine how the entire cast and crew would feel if we did such a thing! They would be devastated! They spent MONTHS trying to get it right. Trying to surprise us. Trying to please us. Remember how lovely everyone was to the fans on set? Remember how kind they were? Do you honestly want to thank them like that?

What you are proposing is breaking their hearts. The hearts of EVERYONE involved! Not only Mark Gatiss or Steven Moffatt (they’re human beings by the way, they do have feelings!) but also the cast - imagine Benedict’s eyes tearing up because he thinks his fans are a bunch of rude idiots! - and the entire crew. The people that spent days and weeks on music, makeup, the design of the set and even the guys of catering.

It would make them feel like everything they did - did for all of us fans! - was for nothing.
It would make them question if we even deserved another season.
It would make us - even the ones not participating - look like a bunch of rude inconsiderate and ungrateful idiots that don’t deserve another second of this wonderful show.

So please, I beg you! Spread the word to NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

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