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"why are these scientists talking about pluto when they should be curing ebola" because they’re astrophysicists not molecular engineers or infectious disease specialists you’re getting mad at the wrong people 

*walks into Starbucks and violently shakes the barista* LOOK WHERE THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A NEW BED FRAME THEN????

*runs into Apple and knocks over their mac books and iphone stands* FIX MY DAMN ANDROID


Anonymous asked:

If you are worrying about someone's hair, you really should find something meaningful to do; it's hair. It grows back. He is filming and needed short hair now - no big deal. I just can't get over how much noise people make about something this stupid.

Oh wow. I got an angry anon. Cool! Thanks, lovely angry anon! You made my day. Because, you know what? This is my blog! This is where I sometimes just post things that are on my mind! And oh, wow, I thought about Benedict Cumberbatch and his hair for a moment. So I just posted a little thought that went through my hair. Because this is my blog and I can do whatever the fuck I want here. Imagine that. So. If you do not want to read people’s thoughts, a piece of advice: Don’t read them. That might help you a lot. All in all, dear anon, I’d recommend talking to a mirror. You’ll definitely hear and see only those things you want to hear. You might be a bit put off by your own angry attitude but well, maybe you’ll learn to be a bit nicer in the future. Hope you have a nice day. :-)

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